Great description of what Senate #Estimates are all about – by Scott Ludlam, Greens Senator

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Three times a year, the ordinary sittings of the Senate are suspended for the obscure but essential business of budget estimates hearings. For the next fortnight, the bleak theatre in the House of Representatives will continue as expected, but the Senate chamber will lie empty; the action on our side of the building playing out elsewhere.

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Make it so !

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My favourite Star Trek character

LNP My Broadband website Vs what Internet speeds we actually get

I’m working on an exciting idea with @YathinkN and @davispg …  A survey to collect what actual speeds people get with their Internet around Australia. Over 800 people have done the speedtest and filled out the survey.  Hope to be able to reveal the survery results in the next few days …. Very exciting

Click the title above to go to the survey

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New content for this blog

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One of my goals for this year is to write at least several articles for here.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to follow what I’m interested in day to day then check out my twitter stream


Cityrail #cityfail? Training citizen journalism

The view from Rooty Hill on last week’s invasion


I think the NDIS, NBN, and Gonski reforms are great policies/ causes. But ALP has some serious problems. More detailed post to come in next few days. Been busy updating my NBN post.

I work in Higher Ed so I’m opposed to cutting University funding and assistance to uni students to pay for Gonski.

With all the claims and counter claims going back and forth via Twitter or Facebook I’ve been getting frustrated…. There’s lots of incorrect facts, and sometimes outright lies, being stated.  People on both sides of the political debate have been guilty of this.

My goal was to collate some of the articles I’ve read about the NBN Co’s FTTH or the LNP’s FTTN alternative in one place.
FTTH is Fibre to the Home (sometimes referred to as FTTP or Fibre to the Premise)
FTTN is Fibre to the Node (the Telstra junction box at the end of the street)

I thought other people might find this useful too. I will be updating the list now & then.  I’m trying to present articles from both sides of the debate.

Please post your comments or suggestions for extra articles to include.  I won’t accept anything from either the ALP website or the Liberal party website or politicians (for obvious reasons I think …).  New links added 18/4/13 – they’re highlighted in yellow.

Disclaimer : I’m personally in favour of the ALP’s NBN. I think it’s the best option.

Note re Comments : Any comments with swearing or personal abuse of me (or anyone else) will not be approved.  Play the ball not the person …

Technical/ IT based blog posts :

Credibility And The Alternate NBN (by @mwyres)

Not All Technology Is Equal (by @sortius)

Coalitions NBN plan to stop consumers taking control of media (by @sortius)

Why not FTTN ? NBN Myths (comparing FTTN speeds)

Coalition’s NBN plan: where’s the cost of the copper?

@sortius on how and why the Coalition’s NBN policy is designed to fail (

Comments by ex Telstra linesman

Articles in favor of FTTN :

Why the Coalition’s NBN plan makes sense

Broadband utopia is a pipedream: analyst

Turnbull has saved the NBN

The case against /problems with FTTN – told by photos :

Worst of the worst: Photos of Australia’s copper network

Some more articles :

#Fraudband is an #NBN fail, even for punters  By Stephen Neate

A tale of two NBNs: the Coalition’s broadband policy explained

News articles & opinion pieces from mainstream media :

The Coalition’s NBN policy is a triumph of short-termism over long-term vision (

NBN $17b cheaper, but slower (

Coalition NBN Policy: Six Things To Think About (

Coalition’s NBN alternative bad for regional Australia : says telco expert …

NBN debate full of ‘erroneous’ information

Telstra will decide Coalition’s NBN: Hackett

Personal accounts of people now using the NBN :
(or who want to be on the NBN asap)

Imagining an amazing innovative future with Labor’s NBN

Jack McCaw’s NBN story

We are now connected to the NBN. Here’s a run-down on the install. And the speed!

Pass or fail? Kiama mum grades the NBN

Why Jake’s impatient for the NBN

Examples of other countries deploying FTTH :

Benefits of Ultra-Fast Broadband

Japan launches world’s fastest home internet 2Gbps :

Taking on Provo, Utah failure proves Google is serious about FTTH

France Telecom strikes FTTH network pact with Bouygues Telecom